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Spider-man got the most figures out of any character that Toybiz made. There is about every incarnation of Spider-man that you can think of. Most are pretty good, but there are some bad ones too. There are also a lot of variants of costumes that Spider-Man never wore. Still, with all the Spider-Man variants, the line did very well.

Secret Wars Series 1 - 1984

Figure ability: 5 Points of Articulation
Accessories: Secret Shield

Secret Wars Series 2 - 1984

Figure ability: 5 Points of Articulation
Accessories: Secret Shield

Marvel Super Heroes Series 1 - 1990

The first Spider-man was not one of the best ones in the line. The figure is based off of the same mold the other heroes were, but this one seems to look worse than they do.

Figure ability: Web suction hands
Accessories: Web

Marvel Super Heroes Series 2 - 1991

This looks like a slight retooling of the original Spider-man to change one of the arms so it could fire the web.

Figure ability: Web shooting
Accessories: Web, web projectile

Marvel Super Heroes Series 2 - 1991

This is the same as the first Spider-man figure, but with suction cups on his hands.

Figure ability: Web climbing
Accessories: Spider on a little string

Marvel Super Heroes Series 3 - 1991

This is probably the best Spider-man that had been released at the time. He is very poseable and has alot of joints in him. This feature would be reused in several other Spider-man figures that would be made later on.

Figure ability: Multi-jointed action
Accessories: None

Marvel Super Heroes Series 3 - 1991

Marvel Super Heroes Series 4 - 1991

Marvel Super Heroes Series 5 - 1991

This is a retooling of the multi jointed Spider-man to take out some of the joints.

Figure ability: Enemy tracking tracer
Accessories: Spider on a string

Spider-Man Series 1 - 1994

This Spider-man variant can slide back and forth across a piece of string. Unfortunately the arms are not articulated because of this. The sculpt of the figure is pretty good though.

Figure ability: Web racing action
Accessories: Pin

Spider-Man Series 1 - 1994

Spider-Man Maximum Carnage - 1994

This is the first Spiderman variant. He can shoot webs out from his wrists. While this figure is decently articulated, he would not be as articulated as later versions would be.

Figure ability: Web shooting action
Accessories: None

Spider-Man Series 2 - 1994

Marvel Universe Series 8 - 1997

This is one of the few figures made of just Peter Parker. The figure is modeled after the animated series, just like the rest in this lineup, and it is very well done, as he is not too muscular looking like some other heroes do in normal clothes. He even comes with a camera.

Figure ability: Camera accessory
Accessories: Camera, pin

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